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B.H. McDonald & Associates Pte. Ltd. proudly introduce enerCool Coat - an energy saving and cooling paint.

enerCool Coat is a special energy saving paint developed by the latest technology that transforms "thermal energy" from sunlight into "kinetic energy". It contains special ingredients that converts heat energy from sunlight into motion and thereby allows it to dissipate. These components of the coating are effective regardless of paint colour and irregularities in the coating surface, which means that aging does not affect performance. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces such as metal, concrete, rubber chips and asphalt.

Explanation of Energy Saving Mechanism

Under the rising of international environmental awareness including the Kyoto Protocol, various environmental issues such as global warming control, CO2 reduction and the life-extension of exhausting resources are discussed actively. Methods are urgently needed to improve efficiency and cut CO2 output resulting from industrial activity.

enerCool Coat doesn't just shield coated surfaces against heat by providing thermal insulation, it actually promotes energy exchange. enerCool Coat contributes to the alleviation of the heat-island phenomenon, heat conservation and CO2 reduction. The great heat barrier feature and heat insulating feature improve the efficiency of air-conditioning and keep rooms at a comfortable temperature, resulting in energy saving and reduction in CO2.
enerCool Coat doesn't depend solely on the reflection of light thus will not heat up the surrounding and this prevent in "Urban Heat Island Effect" that is found in most cities.

How does enerCool Coat works?

When sunlight hits specially-formulated enerCool Coat energy saving paint, a part of the infra-red rays are deflected. The remainder of the sunlight is converted into thermal energy and dissipated throughout the paint film as heat. The paint film does not store the energy, however special heat-radiating materials cause the greater part of the heat energy to be emitted as kinetic energy. It "consumes" heat on its surface and it does not "hold" heat.

Features of enerCool Coat

  • Up to 15 degrees cooler under normal surface temperature
  • Available in Deep Colours - enerCool Coat colour selection
  • One-component Paint (easy to use)
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Color Wash (safe!)
  • Quick Drying
  • Excellent film adhesion to concrete or asphalt
  • Acid rain proof
  • Good Weather Resistance
  • Energy Saving
    • Minimizes the increase in indoor temperature (improving the living environment)
    • Reduces the need for air-conditioning equipment (saves capital costs)
    • Reduction in air-conditioning energy requirement (reduction of running costs)
  • Abating Thermal Expansion
    • Inhibits elongation and deflection caused by thermal expansion
    • Prevents degradation of sealing and water-resistant layers
  • UHI (Urban Heat Island Effect) Countermeasures
    • Lowers the surface temperature of roads, sidewalks, and does not store heat
    • Diminishes heat release from outdoor units of air-conditioners
    • Diminishes heat release from exterior walls to the surrounding